Monday, December 31, 2007

King of the World!

Nathan says... "I'm the King of the World !!! At least I was on Saturday :)" ....

Saturday was a fun filled day for the Bull family! Gary and I were treated to a day of free babysitting by Auntie Em and Nena while we enjoyed a movie, lunch without a toddler, and our big Wal-Mart stock up trip. It was such a blessing for us to have time just the two of us! Thank you so much Auntie Em and Nena for making it happen for us! And as you'll see below it doesn't look like Nathan had too bad of a time either :)
Swinging with Nena
Playing with Auntie Do Do
My little unconventional slider :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Photo shoot with our Nate man...

Well, here's the past few days in pictures. I've chopped more, mixed more, sauteed more, eaten more, visited more and shopped more than I ever planned to, but it's been fun and we're enjoying the last days of furlough as a family of three :) Hope you enjoy the new pictures... sorry some of them are super duper clear... I'll be ready to have my laptop back (I've been using Gary's and it's a different software than I'm used to). Hope you had a great Christmas and continue to enjoy the holidays with your families!
This is what ensued when we tried for a photo op before present opening... the waterworks began... oh the drama!

Let the presents begin :)
Nathan's new "rocket" book from Nana (affectionately now called Nena) and Papa! Hopefully the novelty will not have worn off so much that it will still be a great diversion on the plane ride home :)

What is it with kids and glasses? These new cool sunglasses are from our Auntie Em (now affectionately... and I do mean affectionately called "Do Do" and yes as in a Do Do bird... don't ask how or why... we have no idea :)

Who needs a sippy cup when I have this cool new kids Starbucks cup from Auntie Do Do :)

Nena and Papa scored big with the new remote control car!

Awww... come on Mom... it's not that late... a few Pez never hurt anybody :)

Nathan's photo shoot with his Nena... man do I love this kid... he so keeps me laughing :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My best moment!

I had so many great moments today! After being cooped up at my mom and dad's for a few days (just taking care of household things and Nathan while Gary recovered from a really bad cold) I ventured out on my own today.

I was able to take a nap this morning thanks to Papa who made sure Nathan didn't cause any permanent damage to the house :) then I got to go shopping at my favorite children's consignment shop. I have said so many times to my young mommy friends here... be so thankful for hand-me-downs and second hand clothing because when you live in a third world country those two things are pretty much non-existent. Clothing and baby items are used until there is no use left in them and so passing them on seems a little pointless :) So today I stocked up at the winter clearance section and got to spend a little alone time.

Then we had a great lunch from our favorite pizza place here in the metroplex and I went out again, searching for all those special ingredients we still lacked for Christmas dinner. The beauty in that grocery trip lay in the fact that everything I needed was contained with the four walls of the one grocery store I chose to go to... no multiple trips... no market runs... it was really a treat. A drive-thru run on Starbucks for my sweet husband who had given me the freedom to go out on my own completed the day.

Great moments huh? I thought so too, until I got home. And at that point I decided my best moment of the day by far was watching my precious son and his Papa play outside together. It wasn't the tricycle riding or spinning around in circles that touched me so... it was the jumping. You see Nathan has entered the little boy jumping phase in full swing these days and today it meant jumping from a rock wall on the side of my parents driveway into his Papa's arms. There wasn't a moments hesitation, not a care in the world, not an ounce of fear in the face or eyes of my child, just pure unadulterated trust. What a precious thing to watch their relationship grow, to listen to him call after his Papa, to watch him trust him with everything... definitely my best moment :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Solicited Advice PLEASE....

Okay my state-side mommies... I have a quick question for you. This will be short and sweet as we're in the middle of bedtime, but I was looking online today to try and figure out which baby swing is going to be worth carting back to Cochabamba and I'm a little overwhelmed with the many types and different feedbacks. So I need some feedback from anyone who has had a good, bad, or otherwise experience with a baby swing recently and the name of the swing so I can get started on buying one to take back with us. I have a small travel one that I used briefly with Nathan, but it only worked well up to a certain weight and then it was almost like I had to swing it myself to get it to go. Ideally I would love one that I could plug up and beyond that I'm not to picky. Thanks for the input! I'll try and update something a little more interesting later this week. Gary's got the flu and we're back at my parents, so I'm staying busy taking care of my three boys :) Please pray that Nathan and I and the rest of my family can stay healthy, it is after all the Christmas season that I've been looking forward to all year... it would be just like Satan to rain on my parade wouldn't it? Well, I refuse to let him... but prayer coverage would be much appreciated too :) God bless you alll and MEEEEERRRY Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Wonder of it all...

Well, the Bulls are back on the road again :) headed back to the promised land we like to call Texas :) We've been in Arkansas for almost a month now and have gotten to visit old friends and both sides of our families. We have so enjoyed ourselves! Nathan has gotten reacquainted with cousins, friends, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles and so many others that at times I think it has been a little overwhelming for him. But he's taking it in stride and has maintained his crazy selfness that we love so much about him :)

This afternoon we were able to attend a Christmas program at my cousin's church in Jonesboro, lots of singing, lots of lights, and to Nathan's delight... drummers. In Bolivia we are so "blessed" with parades of all shapes and sizes all year long :) I say "blessed" because at times they can be the road block between you and where you're headed, but when you see Nathan playing the drums on his daddy's head as they walk up and down the street, it's definitely a true "blessed" (not the sarcastic "blessed" that really means a little annoyed :) that you feel.

As I sat in the sanctuary watching the program unfold, I looked over at my precious son and was truly overcome. I know that so many times I have heard others talk about the wonder of a child... that look that comes over their faces... that stillness in their little, usually very active bodies... and the awe in their eyes as they experience something truly wonderful for them. I've heard it a million times, but tonight I experienced it... tonight I saw it in the face of my son and let me tell you... it was beautiful. The glow of the Christmas lights on his sweet little face, the amazement of the drummer boy coming down the center aisle just feet away from him, and his little arm wrapped tight around my neck, all filled my heart and spirit. He sat transfixed, taking it all in, and I was overcome with emotion (Gary will tell you it's the hormones :) but I promise it's just "emotion") as I watched my precious two-year old amazed.

I think of how many times in the years to come I may be privileged enough to experience something through his eyes, seeing it for the first time or in a new way. I look forward to the days, the moments that I'll get to experience our God through my son's eyes. How amazing it will be to see the wonder in his eyes, his heart, and his spirit as he comes to know the living Lord, experience Him in His fullness and know Him even in a way that though I may get to see through his eyes... will be unique to him... just between him and his creator :)