Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Re-entry :)

No, this post won't be about our cultural re-entry, although those posts will come soon enough :) this post is my official re-entry into blogland. I think I've been avoiding this place since I'm so so so behind, but I'm not going to let that deter me... I'm not going to attempt to cover the lost ground... but I'm going to pick up from today going forward and see where that leads us :)

Today finds us stateside on furlough, in Perryville, AR visiting Gary's family. As my husband was getting in some good late night fishing with his brother, I was here at his mother's house bathing our stinky boys :) Mind you our boys are finding new aspects of their relationship as brothers daily, but for this moment in time my heart was absolutely overwhelmed as I walked back into the bathroom to find this...

What you have to know is that this sweet moment was initiated by my usually tackling, squashing or sitting on big brother youngest child Grant... these are the moments you savor, the ones you store up in your heart as you dream of these two little men growing up together to be men who will love each other as brothers and lead our family in the way God guides them... I can't wait to see it unfold :)