Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Auntie Em

No no... we're not talking Dorothy here... we're talking my precious sister... who my son adores. And why wouldn't he? She's the best Auntie Em that there is. What a joy it was to my heart to be able to see them play together and love on each other during our time home! I thank God for family and Nathan thanks God for Auntie Em!

Bargain or Commitment

One of my most treasured books right now is "Though None Go With Me" by Jerry B. Jenkins. I love the real and candid look he paints of the life of a woman trying throughout the seasons of her life to follow her God, wherever He leads. While I was home recently my mom and I were able to watch the movie version of the book (which the book... as usual... was much better!), but there was a quote in the dialogue of the movie that I did not remember reading in the text of the book. But one for which I was grateful to hear and be reminded. As the main character faces trials and hard times she remembers back on something a loved one said to her... "You made a commitment to God, not a bargain." Simple words, simply put, but what truth. How many times have we heard the phrase... "I didn't bargain for this." I am realizing more and more everyday the truth in the idea of commitment vs. bargain. I committed to God as I put Him on in baptism, but I didn't understand the depth of that commitment, at that time I really think I was bargaining with God... Okay God, here's my life, heart, and all of me, until things get rough, and then we'll have to see about this. I made a commitment to our work here, and on the days when things are frustrating, or overwhelming, it has brought me such comfort and strength to remember, I did not make a bargain with God, I made a commitment. I committed to His work here and to His church here, I committed to the good days and the bad. And when I remember the difference in commitment and bargain, I also remember who it is that I made that commitment to... the God of the universe, who will always sustain, guide and protect me. That reminder of my commitment and of the God to whom I am committed has helped me in so many ways over the last few weeks. It has given me the endurance that I need to run the race, I pray that it will you too! "Though none go with me... still I will follow... no turning back... no turning back!"

Monday, October 30, 2006

Don't tell Daddy

Not that we keep secrets from Daddy... but this is too funny. One of Nathan's new fascinations is putting things on his hands, or putting his hands through things so that they fit on his wrists. Now that can range from his socks, to teething rings, to... yes you've got it... bracelets. My son is definitely secure enough in his manhood to wear bracelets :) And I think he pulls it off well :) Here he is during our trip home playing with Jen and trying on the bracelets that we brought to her from Bolivia. I think his smile says it all!

Kisses please

So we all know that kids say the darndest things, but they do the darndest things too. I sure thought that Nathan's fish face took the cake... but this is pretty precious too. Most little ones have a special way that they start giving kisses, whether it's blowing kisses, butterfly kisses, or Eskimo kisses. But not this little Cochabambino. Nathan is all about extending himself when someone asks for a kiss, only he "extends" only his forehead. So when asked for a kiss... my crazy little man puts his head down waiting for his kiss :) So as you can see below... he was giving Papa kisses, and if you look very closely... you can see the kiss marks left behind from his Auntie Jen during our visit. One day I look forward to "real" kisses from Nathan... although I will say the forehead is a better alternative to the open mouth slobbers he gives from time to time :) But this mommy will take Nathan kisses however they may come!

And the lucky number is....

My dad would be so proud. For some reason, our family lucky number was always 13, a little strange as others that I know avoid this number, but not us Wallace's... we embrace it :) And my son is making his Papa proud. Nathan was born on September 13... He is now 13 months old... and today I found tooth number 13 in little man's mouth. Which seriously explains the cranky pants attitude today :) Nathan is more a blessing everyday in my life, and I thank God for allowing me to be his mommy! How lucky I am :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hasta Luego

Well... it comes to this... it's not good-bye, it's just see you later :) Our trip home has been amazing! And while I will go through withdrawl all over again for Wal-Mart, McDonald's french fries, Taco Bell, Blue Bell, and Sonic slushes... the hardest part by far is saying good-bye to those that we love. From our friends in North Little Rock, to our Silver City family, from visiting Searcy, to our time with Gary's family in Perryville, from our trip to Lake City to see my extended family, to Jacksonville with my mom's folks, from my best friend Jennifer flying down to make a crazy road trip with me, to our time with our Austin Avenue and Westside families, and ending with my Mom, Dad, and sister Emily, our time here was full of beautiful memories, beautiful people and the beautiful spirit of my God. Coming home is so worth it, and yet the part of me that hates to hurt thinks... is it really worth it? To come home and attach yourself here again... only to have to say good-bye? And then I see the picture above... and I know that it is. It was worth it for this mommy to come home in so many ways... but the thing most beautiful to me... was watching my son love and be loved by those that I treasure most in this world! So to all those who our paths were able to cross in our time here... know that you have blessed our lives again, in such tremendous ways, know that it will be those times that we will remember (above and beyond the crazy fast food and slushes along the way :) and treasure for the year to come. And Lord willing, we will make our way back here, next year with a crazy two year old :) God bless you all and know that I praise my God daily for you each and the support and encouragement that you provide to Gary, Nathan and I!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

The grace of his father

Now mind you that i know my son is loved by our amazing God and has and will continue to receive his abundant grace in his life as he grows and matures... but it's the other father i'm talking about this time... the grace of his Bull father :) Yesterday Nathan had quite the day visiting all his aunts/uncles/grandparents/cousins on Gary's side of the family in Perryville. They were all so excited to see him and he loved playing outside in the grass, which we're still working on not eating :) but i think my favorite comment during our time there was Gary's sister Christy talking to Nathan and saying, Boy... you're as graceful as your daddy :) amidst one of Nathan's tumbles of the day :) i'll tell you one thing, Nathan really misses his daddy. Gary and Nathan have gotten into the habit of playing on the beds, rough housing on the floors, and just being boys together :) a job that this mommy doesn't do really well. so i am all the more thankful to our God for knowing the balance that a marriage, the wife and husband, bring to raising our children! and i absolutely say hats off to single moms! i have about 2 and a half more weeks to go and i already need a vacation :) God has blessed me with such a precious family in my husband and son and i know that there are many days that i don't realize just how much of a partnership Gary and i are in parenting, until we're away from him for a time. All that to say, i am a blessed woman, blessed by my God and my family!