Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Catch Up

So... long time, no blog :) and we have made it safely stateside once again. Mind you... after a long long long flight with a crazy one year old who could not understand why he couldn't walk up and down the aisles of our plane :) But overall, it was an uneventful trip, which is definitely what you pray for when traveling internationally with a little one. My folks and sister had a great visit in Bolivia, getting a taste of our life in Cbba and enjoying getting reacquainted with their grandson and nephew. My sister posted some great pics of their trip and her visit with her Compassion Int. child on her blog so head on over and check them out (Bolivia pics 1, Bolivia pics 2) . I'll be putting some fun new stories of our first few days back home... which will involve some crazy wal-mart experiences, and all kinds of fun stuff... so until then. good night friends and family, who are now just a local call away :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My own personal photographer

Here I am again, Nathan speaking... did I mention that I'm one year old now? Just thought I'd check and make sure that everyone knew :) And in honor of my birthday my Aunt Emily came to visit me with my Nana and Papa. Well, you see my Aunt Emily got a new camera recently, and who is there better in the world to take pictures of than me? So I thought I'd have mommy put a few of them on our blog for you all to see! Sorry for the funny faces, I'm keeping 'em laughing down here in Cbba... that's for sure :)

My little one-year old

Welcome back to the Bull family to the land of blogging. Life has been a little crazy around here... good crazy, but crazy none the less! We are finally settled in our new house (to the help of teammates and my parents and sister - who made it here safely and have been enjoying their time here in Cbba). But settling into a new house also means transferring all of your previous services to your new house... which in Cbba can takes weeks, and while it took less time than expected to hook up our internet service, it was still too long for me. You just have no idea how you rely on the internet to keep in touch with others until you don't have it at the tips of your fingers. So needless to say, we are happy to be back online. and happy to report that in our period of absence... Nathan turned one year old. It was a really special day as he had his Nana, Papa, and Aunt Emily here to celebrate with him. His daddy grilled out for our family, teammates, and friends... only about 60 or 70 shishkabobs :) and did a great job! Nathan had a ton of fun exploring his new toys, as you can see below, but wasn't quite sure what to think about his #1 candle on his cupcake, oh well, we'll wait til next year to experience the whole face in the cake thing :) But for now, we're just enjoying having our family here and getting ready to start packing for our international travel adventures back to the states! Thank you to all who thought of, and prayed for Nathan on his special day... we are blessed beyond measure!