Thursday, May 25, 2006

With Love from Aunt Emily

As I look at my son, I see more and more everyday pieces of Gary, myself, and our family. Here is a picture I took of Nathan's hands. They remind me everyday of my sister, his precious Aunt Emily, as I think that they are just like hers. I am so blessed to have an amazing sister who is serving the Lord faithfully in Oregon, far far from home. But always seeking to listen to the calling of God on her life. We are all so thankful for her, her spirit, and example of surrender to us. We love you Aunt Emily.

Making Papa Proud

Anyone who knows my Dad (Nathan's Papa) knows that his blood does not run red like most people's. No, it runs maroon in honor of his treasured Aggies. So here, in honor of his Papa, my precious son wears his maroon and white proudly. I think that we might just have a future yell leader on our hands. Who knows what plans God has for little man, my little mess :)

Nathan speaking here. So I have a request to my family and all my mommy and daddy's friends back home. Do you think that maybe you could talk to my mommy and daddy, because for some reason they think that I am crazy. They keep taking pictures of me while I am playing like it's some exciting new thing. And don't they know how much fun it is to play with your toys INSIDE the toy box? It's not so crazy now is it? I didn't think so either. Well, thanks for this little talk, I'm glad we had it, and glad that I'm not as crazy as they think that I am :) I sure do miss you all, and can't wait to see you all soon. Hopefully I'll be walking by the next time that I see you!! Won't that be so much fun! I love you! - Nathan

Couldn't help it

Sorry I couldn't help it, I just love this picture :)

Our Sonia

We have been so tremendously blessed in our home with the presence of Sonia. Sonia is a precious Cochabambina who is helping us in our home two days a week. She was working with an American family living here in Cochabamba who recently returned to the states, and now is helping our family and the Marcum family with daily life here in Bolivia. She is teaching me the ins and outs of cooking here, shopping in the local markets, cleaning, and much much more. Nathan loves playing with her and chasing her in his walker :) She attends a local evangelical church and so brings a wonderful spirit into our home. We are hopeful to be able to spend time studying with her and hopefully she will be a wonderful part of our life here for years to come!!

A girl's best friend

And you just thought that diamonds were a girl's best friend :) But I tell you the truth, in Cochabamba in the winter, and without central heat or air, this "estufa" is a girl's best friend :) We have been so blessed with the support that we need financially to buy the things we need for our home including this stove. Little Nathan was getting pretty cold at night, but not now, he's toasty warm :) So thank you to all of you who support us financially and spiritually!! We are so grateful, and warm :)

And the winners are.....

Well, for those of you who know Gary Bull you know that outside of his Lord and his family, his next love is playing basketball. So you can only imagine how excited he was to find a tournament here at the Catholic Universtiy in Cochabamba. He along with three of our team members took second place, not bad for those crazy Americans. We did decide that we now know where all the tall Cochabambinos hang out :) What a joy it is to find the things that you love when you are so far from home!!

Will I ever be able to put him down again?

Okay, so for all you first time, and second and third time moms, you will understand my pain. We have officially hit separation anxiety. And can I tell you how very interesting it makes household chores like laundry, making the bed, and cooking. The other day Gary went to leave the house for a meeting and Nathan tried to follow in his walker. I had my hands full cooking in the kitchen and so I couldn't pick him up immediately, so he proceed to yell at the door for a solid 5 minutes, like "Daddy, what were you thinking, I'm still here." It is amazing how they attach themselves to us as parents. So precious and exhausting all at the same time. My one prayer is that he attaches himself to our God in the same way. That when he grows up he will be unable to imagine life without the presence of our Lord every step of the way. Oh the prayers of a mommy.

And then there were four

Okay, so I think I finally captured the elusive Nathan's top two teeth on film :) This boy does not like to have pictures taken of his teeth, but I think you can see them, if not, just imagine with me, because they are there. Trust all of us who have experienced the new biting phase, they are there :) And actually along with another two up top now, which brings us up to a grand total of 6. Man, I never dreamed of this day as I lay holding him in the hospital. What big boys they grow up to be. May he be an amazing man and witness for his Savior here in Cochabamba, when he learns to say more than just mamama :)

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

If He builds it, they will come

This past week marked the biggest meeting of the church in Cochabamba yet. And we were blessed to have it here in our home. The team was present, along with Kent, Charla and James Marcum (Josh's family), the native preacher and his family from LaPaz and a local family from Cochabamba. We made a grand total of 24. How exciting it is to see God's hand moving here to bring people from near and far to worship Him. We give Him all the praise and look forward to watching Him continue to move in the future. Thank you for all who support the work here in Cochabamba that have made this possible to the glory of our God.

Happy Birthday Michaela

This past weekend marked our first team birthday of one of our children. Josh and Julie did a great job of planning a special party for Michaela's first birthday. We celebrated with saltenas and birthday cake, opened presents and drew pictures of our families that we sent up to heaven with Michaela's many birthday balloons. The kids all had a great time, and the adults as well :) It's only the first of many to come. And thanks to Josh and Julie for all the help they will be to us in September as we plan Nathan's first birthday party here in Cochabamba :) God bless Michaela!!


Welcome to bathtime in a third world country :) Now..... not much is different. We still have the fun floaty toys, the rubber ducky and our Johnson's no tears shampoo. But the difference comes in the very often repeated phrase, don't drink the water son :) You just never know what might be in the water here in Cochabamba. So while Nathan is going through his everything must be oriented to my world through my mouth phase, bathtime is quite an adventure. But we sure do love it. We're still working on the loving having our hair washed part, don't quite have that one down yet, but one day, just maybe. For now, we just sing our way through it and it seems to work. Thank goodness this boy has a mommy who loves to sing!