Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well apparently we've been at this blogging thing for quite awhile now :) and 200 posts later here I find us... so different from what we were when we started this journey two and a half years ago. There have been such times of joy, such times of sadness, and yet through it all such times of growth. We are walking closer to each other, closer to our children and above all closer to our God for the experiences we've had so far.
I only pray that we have brought glory to God in the way that He has called us to do. I pray that we have been a part of His presence here in Cochabamba and that those that we have come to know have been able to come to know Him better because of our lives' here. I pray that we can continue on this path, that we can run the race and finish what we came here to do... bringing Cochabambinos to the feet of our Lord, into a saving relationship with Him, and into fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ here in Bolivia.

Thank you so much for all the support, prayers and encouragement you, our family and friends, have given to us on this journey... we are who we are, and have been able to do what we have done, because of all that you are in our lives'. God bless you!
(And what kind of monumental blog post would this be without a few pictures of my two handsome little men :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

The only thing worse...

I've decided that the only thing worse than the mommy having the stomach flu is for the mommy to be a nursing mommy, who's nursing a sick baby and chasing a puny big brother too... so lots of prayers over the Bull's would be much much much appreciated... that the yuckies would be on their way ASAP... and prayers that daddy (who seems to be in the clear right now) will stay in the clear... at least until the rest of us can get back to normal :)

I will say though that my sweet Nathan made my day today! I was in the bathroom where he immediately followed me (is there no sacred privacy after becoming a mommy?) and when I told him that my tummy hurt he promptly came over, leaned in close and kissed my belly... to make it all better :) What a sweet boy I have! Hope you and your families are feeling better than we are and that the yuckies in our house right now didn't jump through the internet to come visit you!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

And there was grace!

I know that many times I've explained the craziness that retrieving a package from the local post office is... totally worth it, but crazy none the less. If the package is kept under 4 pounds and doesn't have an outrageous value placed on the outside by the sender than the package is fairly easy to get. You climb the amazing amount of stairs to your post office box (and being at a higher elevation and out of shape as I am you reach the top huffing and puffing), you try and remember which key among the zillions you have actually opens said post office box, you squat to open the box (which mind you at 9 months pregnant, or with an infant in arm is quite an adventure), then you open the tiny door to your box and if you're blessed as we so often are... your heart skips a beat at the little slip of paper indicating you have a package waiting just for you (okay let's be real... just for Nathan and Grant :) If the slip is printed in blue... you're safe. You can retrieve your package downstairs in the post office (yes just like Harding, only here you have to pay to get it out...) but if the slip is printed in orange... well that's enough for a whole separate post since it involves the customs office ('nuf said).

Just recently our post office here in Cochabamba (the only one here in the city) has been closed on a hunger strike since the employees wanted a raise. Not a big deal to your average Cochabambino, but to the Gringos who so look forward to mail from home it's been disappointing to say the least.

Last Friday afternoon I was in a taxi headed down to the open market and noticed that the post office was once again open and the employees once again well fed (apparently :) So I asked the driver to drop me at the door and up the stairs I went. When I got to the top and opened our box I saw not one, but two slips waiting for our family! Woo Hoo (much rejoicing was had!).

I made my way down the many stairs to the sweet lady who guards the much anticipated packages. To retrieve the packages you must pay for a stamp for each one and have proof of i.d. This is where you must remember I was on my way to the market... meaning I carry as little as possible on my person to avoid anything getting stolen... meaning I had no i.d. on me what so ever. I did not however realize this until the two packages in question were laying on the counter in front of me at my fingertips just taunting me for my lapse in brain function in forgetting my i.d.

I explained the situation to the precious lady across the counter, fully expecting to have to beg and offer my first born child in exchange for the packages in front of me. This particular employee was new and so she had never seen me in her life, she had no reason to trust that I was who I said I was, no reason to extend grace to me (and even less reason to since I'm a foreigner... I've learned), but she did. She looked at me, asked for my phone number and i.d. number, took my money for the stamps needed and wished me a great weekend.

After I picked myself up off the floor from the heart attack she gave me, I thanked her profusely, made a mental note to make her a batch of no-bakes the next time I come in, and said a huge thanks to God for placing her in my path that afternoon. It is so rare that as foreigners we are extended grace, usually we are forced to discuss, explain, justify, and argue our way through such buracracy that it's insane, but last Friday I was shown grace, and like the blind man healed, I just can't help telling everyone about it :) (and yes care packages from home are almost as good as being healed of blindness... okay, just kidding :), kind of... I mean who can put a value on new sleepers for Grant, Ranch dressing for the mommy, and new toys and stickers for Nathan?)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What a difference...

What a difference a month makes huh? (Sorry for the second picture... it was the best I could get, he was not thrilled with mommy's photo shoot! But at least you can see how big he's gotten... check out that double chin!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Who knew that when I gave birth to the newest Bull baby, the 2008 model GT (Grant Thomas... get it? :) that he came with the free installation of the M.A.S. Sounds impressive huh? Even something you might want to look into for your newest addition, but trust me... the M.A.S., otherwise known as the Mommy's Asleep Sensor is not a welcome bonus to your new bundle of joy, at least it hasn't been for mine. It is uncanny how that precious baby boy knows the exact second that I try to lay down to rest while he's napping. The M.A.S. is alerted and the stirring, followed by the crying, begins. Now I know that Nathan eventually outgrew his M.A.S. and so I'm holding out hope for Grant. Until then, this mommy is determined to find a way to outsmart the newborn sensor that is ruining her naptime :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The three amigos...

So do you think Grant's going to be a bed hog like his mommy? Kind of looks that way huh? At least Malakai and Jana were good sports and didn't bonk him on the head, waking him up, telling him to move over (not implying that anyone does that to me during the night :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Freak accident

I know it probably won't happen again for months and months, but what a treat it was last night when Grant went down at 7 and didn't wake up to eat until 4 o'clock this morning! For all you nursing mommies out there you know what an amazing miracle that is, and how grateful I was for the hours of consecutive sleep :) !!!