Wednesday, May 28, 2008


May 27th marks Mother's Day here in Bolivia. It's different for me as an American to celebrate Mother's Day not on a Sunday, but it's a nice treat too. It was a busy day for us as a family with team time in the morning, Nathan's school closed for the holiday (which means crazy man was running around all morning trying to burn off all that energy that he usually does at school), pizza lunch with our team, completing Grant's passport paperwork and then back to the house for naptime. Whoo. I'm tired just remembering it :)

But as I lay down in Nathan's bed with him to read books and sing him his bedtime songs I was reminded what a privilege it is to be his and Grant's mommy. These days I get up in the mornings and get Nathan ready for school and after he and his daddy have headed out I go through our apartment picking up. I will admit there is part of me that does not look forward to this morning chore, but the part of me that doesn't mind it so much was recently reminded that if someone came into our house before the picking up got done, really what they would see was evidence... evidence that I am a mommy :)

It's only gotten worse since Grant was born. Now not only are there race cars, blocks and farm animals everywhere, there are baby swings, bouncy seats, burp rags and chew toys. If you catch me up at two o'clock in the morning with a grimace on my face it's more than likely that I've stepped on some on the mommy evidence (most likely legos :) in the dark. Can't say I'm super thrilled with the evidence of my mommy status at that moment in time, but for the most part, I look around me and am reminded what a blessing it is that I have two sons that have left (and continue to leave) such a mark on my life and my heart!

I think it's the same for our heavenly Father... we are his evidence here in this world that he is the great I AM. We are the image of a heavenly being that delights in knowing his children are representing him on earth to those who don't yet know him. No pressure huh? :) And at the same time what a great reminder the evidence of my children is for me of my ultimate responsibility here on this earth... to be evidence of the greatness of my Father!

Friday, May 16, 2008

They really are listening...

Well everyone always says that our kiddos are listening to us... right? Last night we found out just how closely Nathan is listening to his mommy. Apparently I say "naked butt" to my two boys when I'm changing diapers, getting them ready for their baths, or letting Nathan run around the house in his "naked butt". Who knew that last night as I got Grant ready for his bath, taking off his sleeper and diaper, that his brother would come charging into the room and announce to all of Cochabamba within a 5 mile radius "NAKED BUTT!" It was all Gary and I could do to keep a straight face :) because while it's not necessarily a bad word, I'm not sure I want my two year old running around saying "naked butt" to any and everyone that he comes across... even if they may not understand him (the beauty of living among Spanish speakers)... I will... and I will always be reminded that little ears and little minds absorb much more than I thought they ever would :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pictures galore...

Well, I know this post is more for the grandparents and Aunt Do-Do more than anything... but maybe a few other people will enjoy it too :) Things have been a little crazy, but we're doing good, enjoying our two boys and our time with them... a post with more brain power will be soon to come... but you see that would actually require brain power and today I'm running low :)
Our newest smiley buns :)

Blowing bubbles with Mommy... just me and my Nathan!

Like mother like son...

What follows is what happens when you try to do a self-photo shoot with your two-year old :)