Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nathan's talks with God...

I, as a mama, feel so many days that the hours pass and I haven't done anything to intentionally mold and guide these precious three little boys towards heaven...towards God's truth and will for them.

But days like today feel like God comes alongside me and says, See, they are getting something... they are absorbing the faith they see lived out in their home. And my heart sighed.

It was a normal morning like any other in the Bull household. The boys had actually slept until almost 8 (which was a blessing in and of itself)... breakfast had been eaten without any battles and Grant and Nathan had decided it was time to draw after watching some of their favorite cartoons. Nathan is really turning into such a great little artist and I love seeing what he has to draw from his sweet mind these days. Today it was a portrait of our house. He pointed out to me our house, our family, the sky, the clouds and everything else his little eyes see... I ooed and ahhhd at all the right moments just like a good mama should.

Then he turned to me and said something that absolutely melted my heart. Mama, I'm going to go and show God. I wasn't really sure what showing God was going to look like. Gary and I exchanged looks from across the room as if to say... this should be good :)

And then he proceeded to run out into the backyard (half clothed... don't even ask :) and held his masterpiece up to the sky. His sweet little 5 year old fingers pointed to every detail as he looked up to heaven and told God all about his picture (screaming, just to make sure that God could hear him all the way up there... apparently we're going to have to work on the idea that God is with us everywhere, at a level that can be heard even at a whisper :)

In that moment as we watched our son share with his heavenly Father I thought to myself... thank goodness God is doing a work in these boys that surpasses my failings and shortcomings... that even in my busy days where I miss those moments to share my faith with them... God is moving in their little hearts, and allowing them to see something in their environment that is pointing them back to Him... I will be eternally grateful!