Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The last weeks in photos...

Well, I'm slowly but surely making it back to the land of the living... being tummy sick is absolutely positively NO fun when you're a mommy of two. But with great help from an amazing daddy, super teammates, and Sonia around the house, we've survived. We've had alot going on lately so I thought I'd catch you all up with a few photos we took along the way... thank you so much for all your prayers and encouragement through the sickies!

We had a baby dedication at church recently and this is a picture of Grant and I right after we received his very own first Bible (man it's hard to get three month olds to look at the camera :)

These are pictures of a recent baptism we had at church between two young men that we like to affectionately call little Bruno and big Bruno. Big Bruno is Bruno Vargas who has attended church with his family since the beginning of the church here. He's recently taken on a little more responsibility with the youth group and so when little Bruno (son of Maggie who was recently baptized as well) decided to be baptized it was really special that big Bruno was able to do the honors! Little Bruno was so excited to put the Lord on in baptism that every day in the week leading up the Sunday of his baptism he kept telling his mom... I wish today was Sunday! Amen Bruno!

Freddy Vargas (big Bruno's little brother) greeting his new brother in Christ Bruno (little Bruno :)

The newest "youth group" picture with our Harding summer interns as well.

This is our newest I have to be just like Daddy manifestation, Nathan's "gaming glove" oh the joys of boyness that I have to look forward to :)

Nathan's newest found love is singing "Happy Birthday" all over the house and then pretending to blow out the candles :) It's even better for him when it's an actual birthday party, and his daddy's was no exception. In the first picture we had just begun singing to Maggie one of our sisters in Christ who shares Gary's birthday (standing next to Gary) and you can see that Nathan had already assumed the position. When Maggie blew out the candles instead of Gary and Nathan, my little man fell apart. Because little did he know we were going to light them again and sing to Gary as well. The next picture is of him and his daddy moving in for the kill and then in the last picture Nathan made sure his daddy had plenty of help :)

A beautiful sunset off our kitchen balcony! What a marvelous God and Creator we serve!

One morning I was drying my hair and had laid Grant on our bed for a second or two and when I finished this is what I found :) what a sweet boy! His daddy took the opportunity to snap some new photos of our ever growing baby! What a treasure all three of my boys are :) I am truly a blessed woman!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bolivian Bargain...

Plane ticket from DFW to Cochabamba.... roughly $1200

Lodging... free if you're okay with a baby and a almost three year old around all the time :)

Food... insanely inexpensive, but at times risky :( just don't eat off the crazy lady's cart on the corner please!

The doctor's visit you might have to make to address your new "wormy" friend that's hanging out in your tummy... $15 (and that's out of pocket cost folks!)

The antibiotics you might have to take for the amoeba you contracted who knows how?... $25 (yes... again, out of pocket cost!)

The fastest and surest way to drop weight fast... PRICELESS - trust this mommy, I now know from firsthand experience! :(