Thursday, May 17, 2007

To know Jesus

A few weeks ago in Bible class Butch was teaching out of the gospel of John and we were talking about what it means to have life... to know the truth... and the root of it all was wrapped up in knowing Jesus. Not just knowing about Jesus, who he was and where he came from... but knowing Jesus... being in relationship with him. I know that we in the church talk often about knowing Jesus. It's an idea that is not uncommon for us to hear or be reminded of.

But God spoke different words to my heart this particular Sunday and reminded me of a different side of knowing Jesus. That morning as I sat in a chair in a Bible class, mind reeling as usual in the constant translation of what is being said, into what I can understand... God reminded that in our move to Bolivia and our missing home, he had given me a way to know Jesus.

My heart has ached in this past year in ways that I didn't know were possible, missing home, missing loved ones, missing my home culture. But what I never stopped to realize is that through this experience, I can understand from a whole new perspective what Christ experienced in leaving his home and coming to earth.

Know that I'm not comparing myself to Christ... or America to heaven (although trust me at times in the past year the states have looked almost as good :) But what I have realized is that I now can understand at a much deeper level the sacrifice that our Savior made in coming to earth. I thought I understood pretty well before... but I had no idea. I know that I still have just a glimpse of what it cost him to leave heaven and come make his "home" among us. But as I sit and think of my life in the states, missing all that they entail... I am able to identify now in a new way with the longing that Christ felt for heaven... his home. I've set up house here... I have my routine... I'm even making new friends, but my heart will always miss those I love and my home here on earth.

I have spent my Christian walk focusing on how Christ can understand me... my life and my experiences, because of the time he spent here on earth. I didn't stop long enough to think about what in my life allows me to understand him better... helps me to know him better. What an amazing gift we have in Savior who wore our flesh, walked our sod, experienced life here on earth, knows our hearts, and allows us to know Him.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Who could resist?

Need I say more? :) This little man has absolutely captured my heart!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Anybody need a playhouse?

So who would like to tell Nathan that the dog house is really just for Lucy? When he's having this much fun and they both still fit inside together... I'll leave him to have his fun :)

A healthy breakfast...

Well, you should always know that when your little man comes walking through the kitchen at 9:00 in the morning saying mmm-mmm-mmmmmmm, it's not because his taste buds are having a party over the raisins and cereal you gave to him. No no my friends, it's because he's found your "secret" (which is not so secret anymore) stash of whoppers and is having a breakfast of champions :)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Calling all Moms...

Hey all my state side mommy friends... I have a quick question. There is a group of interns coming down this summer and we're working on ordering a few things for them to bring down with them. I am working on ordering some chewable vitamins for Nathan, but was wondering which your pediatricians back home recommend as the best to give. I was looking at some websites and the Flinstones chewables seem to be the bestsellers, but I was wondering if I could get some feedback before I go ordering a boatload of vitamins that may not be the best :) Thanks for the input!