Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not really mine...

Disclaimer... as I was editing some posts last night I realized that I had written this post and never actually posted it... but I really love the lesson I learned in this post so I wanted to share it with you all... (keep scrolling down for new pictures of the boys on our trip back to the states!)

It's true what they say about having a second child... that in so many ways it's much easier than the first, and yet at the same time it turns your world upside all over again just like the first one did. Grant has been no exception. He has been a joy of a baby already, but has come with his own set of quirks, as should any little person being born into this world!

I've done so much more praying over my boys since his birth. It's been such a humbling experience trying to understand how to be the best mommy that I can for both him and Nathan at the same time when they are at such different places in life and seem to be such different little people. Grant has had some problems with reflux since his birth, more so than Nathan ever had. One night as he spit up so much that milk came out his poor little nose (now that will break a mama's heart!) I was praying over him and his health. I won't tell you that God appeared to me in Grant's room, or that I heard the audible voice of God, but I will say that He spoke volumes to my heart that night.

As I sat there holding my little man I realized he isn't really mine. God seemed to speak directly to my heart as he explained to me that Grant is first His, then mine. Who am I to worry about this precious baby when he's God's first, will God not take care of his own far better than I ever could? And can He not show this humble servant of a mommy how best to "mommy" his son? It really is amazing the peace and comfort that it brings in knowing I'm not in the "mommying" business alone, that not only do I have a wonderful earthly father of my children alongside me in the journey, but a heavenly father that is with me in parenting my children every step of the way! Whew... that's a relief :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Note to self...

Laura?... yes self?... Remember... you're not in Bolivia anymore...
That's right folks, we've made our way back "home" for a few weeks and I've already had more notes to self than I care to admit. Reminding myself that this world I find myself in is so auto dependent (I really miss walking everywhere from our downtown apartment!), that you can bathe your kids every night since you're not using jugs and jugs of bottled water to avoid the stomach yuckies, that in the states we don't greet everyone we walk past like we do in South America (you should see the looks my sweet Nathan is getting here as he says "HI" to EVERYONE we meet in the street, in the store, and in passing :) And though travel is such hard work... watching my boys get loved on by their grandparents and Aunt Do-Do makes every mile flown worth it! Here are some pictures of our adventures thus far...

Nathan playing soccer at Nena and Papa's... doesn't he look so big!
What a sweet smile... just please excuse the drool :)
Pool time fun! What a sweet "little" man!

Monday, July 14, 2008

A little smell of home...

A few Saturday nights ago I was working on getting us ready to go to church in the morning. Since there is now one extra body to get ready in the morning :) I've learned the art of having all our clothes laid out, diaper bags packed and by the door, and distractions for Nathan ready to go.

This particular Saturday night found me ironing (for those who know me well... please don't faint in disbelief). I had pulled out a sweater for Gary to wear since we are in the middle of our winter season here in Cbba. As I went to iron it, I was reminded quickly that he hadn't worn it since we were home on furlough... which meant that as the vapor from the iron touched the sweater... the smell of the detergent and dryer sheets from my mom's laundry room still lingered.

There sure is something about smells isn't there? It amazes me how they can take us back so quickly. I was simply ironing a sweater in my bedroom in Bolivia, and suddenly I was back in my parents house, miles and miles from here. I love those little moments, those smells, sights and sounds that no matter where we are in that moment remind us of beautiful times and wonderful memories that the Lord has blessed us with! As I buried my face in his sweater, I was reminded of how truly blessed I am!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What he hears...

So you know Nathan must hear the following words alot when, as I sit here typing, he's playing with his trucks saying to them... "be careful... you'll hurt yourself" when they crash or fall off the couch. :) Good to know he's looking out for them right?