Thursday, August 21, 2008

The view from here...

Have you had those moments where you sit back and take stock of your life and realize by the grace of God you are in a really good place? I pray that you have had many moments like that... I myself am in one now.

I sat with Nathan playing trains last night, listening to the sweet sleepy sounds of Grant realizing I am in a really good place. Not only with the things around me in my life but the things within. I am always thankful when the externals in my life are at peace: when my boys are healthy, when Gary and I are in sync, when the work here is going well, when life in Cochabamba is conflict free (for the most part), and when our families back home are doing well. Those are always welcome blessings in my life. But I think just as important, no, more important is when I find myself at peace, in a good place.

Something happened when Grant was born... something I don't know that I will ever be able to explain in words. But there was a shift within this woman and I feel more at peace with who I am, what I've been made to be, and what I've been given the opportunity to do in this life than I think I ever have before.

It's that sitting in the porch swing on an autumn evening, leaves rustling and swirling, the perfect cup of hot tea warming your hands and your favorite book in your lap kind of good place. That kind that brings that almost silly smile to your face for no reason, that causes you to greet every person you meet walking down the street, that makes you hug your kids just a little bit longer and a little bit harder, that makes you kiss your baby in that really sweet soft spot right behind his little ears, and that makes you play tickle wars with your toddler until he's laughed so hard he can hardly breathe.

It's a good place to be. I hope I stay here awhile... because the reality is that no matter what happens about me, if I can keep the peace of my Lord within... now that's a good place to be :)