Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sense of humor...

Disclaimer... since comments have been coming in as to the picture below... just know as you read that I as a mother would NEVER post pictures of my child eating poop. Now that I've got you hooked... read on in peace :)

So as you can see below, Gary and I had a wonderful getaway a few weeks ago... but ever since our return I feel like it's been one thing after another... sick kids, change in schedules, more sick kids, moody mommy, apartment building without water, and more sick kids. Now normally this would throw me over the edge, an emotional vomitting session would ensue and it would be downhill from there. While there have been moments of teetering (on the edge of craziness :) I realized in the midst of the nutzoness that I have matured at least a little bit because after the events of this morning I could still laugh (a sign of maturity or insanity I'm not sure... but I'm gonna go with maturity :) Allow me to share...

About 6:30 Grant decided it was time to start his day (which by the way is much earlier than usual, this sick kid stuff is for the birds!). I went in, gave him his milk and snoogled him while he drank. We then moved to the playroom where we started our morning counting numbers with Baby Einstein (thank you thank you producers of this wonderful thing that is Baby Einstein and our friends Thomas and Will who sent us a new one!). I changed his diaper in the playroom (we have stashes of diaper changing supplies all over the house) and left him for 30 seconds TOPS to air out (meaning without diaper). I then went to the kitchen to dispose of said diaper and fill the sink for my morning load of dish washing (after washing my hands of course)... return to the playroom to find (yep, you guessed it) poop. Not just on the floor (thank goodness we have a rug over the carpet), not just on the toy he was playing with (don't tell Nathan it was his magna doodle), but of course... all over him. Because seriously, who doesn't love to smear their own poop all over themselves I ask you? :)

After the poop incident got cleaned up and put in the past, I was working back in the office for a few minutes. I head up to the front of the apartment to check on the boys (boys b/c now Nathan is awake to add to the craziness of the Bull boys) and I find this sweet dirt face... NOT poop face!

Yeah, that's dirt. Apparently Grant thought a great conclusion to his breakfast would be the potted plant up front. So so so gross. And as if I didn't know that, my little three year old commentator came out of the playroom with his own... EEEEWWWWWW, GROOOOOOOSS! Yeah, thanks Nathan, we got it :) But amidst cleaning off my baby for the umpteenth time this morning, I actually laughed and smiled... oh the adventures of little boys! Anybody want mine? :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Uyuni and the salt flats

One of the perks to being an overseas missionary is the living abroad part. Gary and I haven't been able to travel as much as I think we would like to, since little ones in tow tends to cut down on the fun factor of travel. But last week we were blessed to have Trish offer to watch the kids at night so that we could head out just us... sorry, I was trying to remember the last time that happened :) It was hard since it was my first overnight away from Grant, but the boys did great and it was so worth it in the long run. We took a bus and a train to a little town called Uyuni in the South part of Bolivia and enjoyed a few days away marveling at one of God's most splendid creations. He really is creative that God of ours! Hope you enjoy our pictures... and if you ever have the chance... GO! It's so amazing!

The sun was amazingly bright! We got to see the process of producing the salt.

Llamas and some random animal made of salt.

This museum is made of salt... all the way down to the bricks... look closely.

At the edge of the salt flats because of the rain there was a beautiful reflection on the salt flats. (The mounds are mounds of salt that they scoop up to allow it to dry out before hauling it off for production.)

Our travel buddies the Washingtons! If you have to travel by bus and plane, they're the ones to do it with for sure :)

There is a hotel (out of service) that is on the salt flats and out back there is this sign... I know, crazy huh? Leave it to our husbands to see a photo op in the situation :)
In the middle of the salt flats is an island made of coral and 1000 year old cacti... it's amazing and from there you get a view of the dry part of the salt flats.

When you hike the island and get to the top there is a designated place to leave "sacrifices" to Pachamama (or Mother Earth). It's amazing what we find on a daily basis that shows us how much people here and everywhere need the Lord.

The dry salt flats. There is an amazing pattern of hexagons and pentagons that forms when the salt is dry... our God is such a creative Creator.

And the ever famous optical illusion photos :)

At the end of the tour you head back into town and drive past the train cemetery... allow me honor of translating :)

Roughly translated: "Such is life... This train needs a mechanic with experience... URGENT!"

"Please don't paint."

Hope you enjoyed your tour :) If you get the hankerin' come on day, we'll go back again!

Can you say bedhead?

Tell me, seriously, do you need any explanation? :)

(the face we get when big brother won't share:)

Birthday Boy!

Have I mentioned that I am the proud mother of a one year old? I am :) I now understand what mothers mean when they say the love each of their children equally, just differently. Grant has touched a part of my heart that I think was before uninhabited and by being his mommy it has flourished and bloomed. He is a joy and I cannot wait to watch him grow into the toddler, little boy, teenager, and man he will be one day. Rather than go on and on about all the things he can do I thought I'd leave you with a few pictures of our sweet hair-challenged youngest and his birthday party :)
Each Mommy made two cakes for her birthday boy/girl.
The birthday boy in all his chunky glory :)
Nathan and his favorite part of the party... bottle coke :)
We decided it would be a great memory to have friends write wishes and messages of hope to our babies so that they would always have something special from the place and the people from where they were born. I know we will treasure it always!
Playing pass the present... Josh and Julie did a great job with the games!
Musical chairs... easily translated :)
My sweet friend Angie and her kids came to celebrate with us!
Jeff praying a birthday blessing over our kiddos.
Everyone watching a great slide show video that Gary put together.
Jenny and Sonia (my two right hand women... what blessings they are to me and to my sons!)