Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My amazing Grant :)

Four years ago tonight you, my dearest second born, came into our lives and we've never been the same. You Grant Thomas, were the opening to the flood gates of my heart, the one who taught me what it was like to bond at birth with my children, to love you gently and fiercely all at the same time, and to receive that love back from you :)

Tonight my dear one you turned four, and I'm amazed more and more everyday by you and who you're growing up to be. I'm amazed that it's actually been four years since I walked through the door of our apartment on Calle Venezuela with you tucked in my arms... amazed at how well you slept and how happy you were (and still are :)... amazed at how you taught me what it meant to have a good eater in our house... amazed at how much laughter you bring into our home :)... amazed at how you taught me what true and genuine mama love is... amazed at how you've grown into such a strong and yet tender little boy... amazed at how gentle you can be (not that you always are :)... amazed at how you keep Nathan humble :)... amazed at how you've grown into your role as Joshua's big brother and how when you're not bugging the snot out of him, you're protecting him and watching out for him... amazed at how just last Sunday as Joshua sat sleeping in my arms at church you kept reaching over to pat his hand or rub his arm... amazed at how perfectly your chubby little fingers fit through mine as we pray together... amazed and grateful at how you still let me get in lots of snoogles and snuggles :)... amazed at how you're still excited at the end of everyday to meet me at the front door with a HUGE bear hug... amazed at how well you've weathered the changes in your little life my international baby... and amazed at how much I love you! I cannot imagine my life without you, and cannot imagine my identity without part of it being your mama... you are a joy, a treasure, and a blessing beyond words! I love you Grant Thomas, more than my next breath! Happy 4th Birthday sweet boy!


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    What wonderful words of love. Love you, Mom and Nena

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